Scripture Use Research and Ministry

A Scripture Use Research and Ministry (SURAM) project is underway in Papua New Guinea. 

SURAM will help determine to what extent target language communites are using the translated Scriptures.  Please pray for the S.A.L.T. teams that will be helping in this project, conducting ministry in the villages and working with local pastors and church leaders to encourage the application of the Scriptures in daily life.


The Pacific S.A.L.T. course is a two week intensive Scripture Use workshop conducted in the village at the request of local church leaders. 


S.A.L.T. seeks to encourage a love and wonder of the Scriptures among language communities and to equip local pastors and village leaders to effectively use the translated Scriptures. 


S.A.L.T. encourages the study of the Scriptures in their own heart language in order that language communities may develop an understanding of the Scriptures and develop a Christian worldview.


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