Will you donate $50 to help feed a Nepali Family for a month during the Pandemic?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal is currently in total lockdown with all public transport suspended, small stores and shops closed, and 'Shelter In Place' orders issued for all citizens.


A majority of the people in Nepal live in poverty and this situation has created severe hardship, especially for families in the villages!


A village family of four can survive on rice, vegetables and lentil soup (daal bhaat) for approximately $50 per month!


Our goal is to raise USD $5,000 to help Nepali families. Will you pray about donating $50 (or more) to help feed a Nepali family for a month?



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SALT Asia/Pacific


The SALT Project seeks to encourage a love and wonder of the Scriptures among language communities and to equip local pastors and village leaders to effectively use the translated Scriptures. 


SALT encourages the study of the Scriptures in one’s own heart language in order that language communities may develop a clear understanding of the Scriptures and develop a Christian worldview.



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